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    Dynamic text box, HTML Text with Image

      Hello Everyone,
      I am using Flash version 8. I have used the text tool and created a dynamic text box and have attached the UIScrollBar component to it. This text box is configured to allow the use of html text to be inputted to it. I have code that reads a file which contains a list of text files that I then read and place them into the text box. The user can use the scroll bar to scroll through all the text.
      I have created an image that is a picture of the tab portion of a file folder. On the tab I have place some text. This was all done in Photoshop. This tab image is used to separate the different stories in the text box. The image is save as a jpeg file

      Everything you have just read works with out any problems.
      Now for the problem!
      This image is only 20 pixels tall and the text is not very readable. As we all know the HTML tags are very limited in Flash 8.
      Ideally I would like to put the text and image in to the text box as I would normally do. Then place text on top of the image and have it all scroll properly with in the text box.

      I have taken the tab image and converted it in to a graph symbol and then put the text on top of the image. This looks good; however I don’t know how (or if it is even possible) to place the graphic symbol in to the text box at the correct place within the text.

      Does anyone have ideas on what may work? Remember that the image I am working with is only 20 pixels tall which is why the text quality on the image is so poor.

      Thank you all for any help you may provide,
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          dad_1953 Level 1
          I am still looking for a better way to get around this problem. Any Ideas?

          Thank you,
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            AnandMX Level 1
            go through the TextFormat properties, hopefully u find some way.
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              TimSymons Level 1
              Not sure if know exactly what your asking but you can use the <IMG> tag to embedd an image into a textbox, however, you cannot place text ontop of the image.

              Also, why does your text on the graphic look bad? Are you making Flash expand the graphic after you place it in the program? The text should look clean and clear in the graphic as long as you are not resizing it within Flash.

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                dad_1953 Level 1
                Yes Tim I am using the <img> tag and I know that I can’t place text over the image. I have set the height and width to be the exact size of the image. However When you go to the webpage it will open the movie to the maximum size based on the resolution of your display; however I do maintain the aspect ratio of the movie. For testing I did set a fix size to the size of the movie. Sometimes the fix size (1000x750) looks better and sometimes a larger size (example 1280x1024). I believe that the main problem is the fact the size of the image is 670 pixels wide by 25 pixels high and of the 25 pixels the text is only 18 pixels tall. In Photoshop this makes it about a 1.75 point font. As you can see the real problem is that I don’t have enough pixels to make up the text. This is why I am looking for an alterative way to create the text.

                I tried importing the image into flash as a graphic symbol and then using the text tool to create the text. The results looked real sharp, the text was nice and crisp (just what I wanted). The problem is that I could not find a way to place the graphic symbol into the dynamic text area like id did using the <img> tag. This symbol needs to scroll as you scroll the text in the text area.

                This is why I am asking for help. I am looking for some ideas that may work.

                Thank you,