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    PB Datawindow equivalent in Flex 2?

      I'm new to Flex and am trying to fashion a datawindow-esque component in Flex 2.
      If you've done PowerBuilder, PowerJ or MSAccess Forms, PLEASE read on, and if you have not, please read on anyway - odds are you know way more than I do and I could use a little advice!
      The basic idea is to be able to display and update repeated content arranged on a canvas (a datagrid would not be acceptable to users).
      My original approach was to have the following nested components (fyi, not real code - just an example) - see at end.
      Has anyone a sample of something like this?
      Maybe even one that allows the user to add and remove repeated rows? Possibly sort them?
      Many thanks for any help!

      Lisa Grundy, Sony Pictures

      <mx:Panel x="10" y="109" width="936" height="455" layout="absolute" verticalScrollPolicy="on">
      <mx:Repeater id="DLTasks" dataProvider="{AC_DLTasksData}" startingIndex="">
      <mx:VBox id="TaskBox" verticalGap="0" horizontalAlign="center" mouseUp="">
      <mx:Canvas id="repeateddetail" width="910" height="209">
      //bunch of labels, text boxes, combo-boxes
      //Examples (as you can see, I am unclear on the usage of the properties for data and text):
      <mx:TextInput id="DTLtaskdetail" text="{DLTasks.currentItem.taskdetail}" x="408" y="10" width="248"/>
      <mx:TextInput id="DTLtasknote" data="{DLTasks.currentItem.tasknote}" x="674" y="10" width="165"/> <mx:TextInput id="DTLtasksort" data="{DLTasks.currentItem.tasksort}" x="847" y="10" width="38"/>
      //End of examples