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    limit number of concurrent connection

    mita981 Level 1
      is there a way for me to limit the number of concurrent connections to the media server. my upload bandwitdh is about a meg so having too many connections just kills the whole thing. i would like to put a limit at 5 connections. is there a way to do this?
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          JayCharles Level 4
          Sure... you can do that.

          Do you want to limit total connections to the server, or do you want to limit things at the application level.

          I personally prefer to do things like this at the application level. You might use something like this:

          In your main.asc

          application.onConnect = function(clientObj){
          if (application.clients.length >=5){
          trace ("Too many users... rejecting new connection");

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            mita981 Level 1
            well i am only using flash media server to displaying videos and just that. the reason i went with media server vs. progressive was fullscreen method. since flash doesn't natively support fullscreen you have to open another browser in fullscreen with javascript. the problem with that is it start loading from beginning so i decided to go server that way it only has to buffer and get to the same point without having to load the whole video up to that point. Now i want to limit number people that can be watching the video. if i get more that 5 connection the whole thing slows down. i am not too familiar with server based connections so i don't know how to limit the number concurrent connections.
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              Hi Jay, i want to do this but for each applicaction.

              For example, I have livepkgr/webcam, livepkgr/Radio etc and I want to have a different limit per each

              is this possible?