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    It still doesn't work

      I have tried everything in your Flash support categories and no mattwer what I do the Administrator who installs Flash (now ver 9.x.x.x) is the ONLY one who can use flash. No other member of the Administrators group can use it, nor can any of the users (Though if they go to the Adobe download site, it will show them that "Flash is successfully installed")

      When I say everything, I mean using the uninstaller, hacking the registry, and deleting left over files. I mean uninstalling Flash AND Internet Explorer, then reinstalling Internet Explorer AND Flash. I have gone through the permissions list to "allow users to install Falsh" again hacking the registry. I've even made the users administrators (and back to users when that didn't work).

      Works fine for everybody in Mozilla. I don't like Mozilla. I want everyone to have one Internet browser and I want it to be IE.

      Help me Adobe 1, your my only hope.

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          same thing happend to me.
          The flashplayer.ocx is not installed on IE.
          The reason for this is backend security blocks by Spybot software. Which stops all plugin to protect security in IE. That wont all to change the register key too.
          contact your Administrator and Discuss about this.