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    Display .cfr

      Hi i have a .cfr file which i want to display as a pdf

      i have tried this code below
      <cfreport template="fees.cfr" format="pdf"></cfreport>

      but i am getting a error? could someone please help i need to display this asap

      the error i am getting is
      Attribute validation error for tag CFREPORT.
      The tag does not allow the attribute(s) FORMAT,TEMPLATE. The valid attribute(s) are DATASOURCE,FORMULA,ORDERBY,PASSWORD,REPORT,TIMEOUT,TYPE,USERNAME.

      The error occurred in D:\Websites\norcrapo\InetPub\wwwroot\FeesReport.cfm: line 5

      3 :
      4 : <!--- ### CREATE AND DISPLAY LABEL REPORT ### --->
      5 : <cfreport template="fees.cfr" format="pdf"></cfreport>