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    Flash 7 for PPC Distribution

      Hi forum viewers.

      Bill, are you out there?

      I create e-learning applications using Flash.
      I need to distribute my Flash 7 PPC application to about 20-30 users by mid-September 2006. The problem is that Adobe's official word on the availablility of the distribution policy, and CDK for the past few months has been that they are: "Coming soon".

      Can anyone at Adobe please give me / the world some sort of indication whether or not a distribution version will be ready by mid September or instead of "Coming Soon", may we have an actual date (just kidding), month, season, or year?

      I have been scouring the globe, including Torrone's book, for advice on design and development for the PPC, and have been doing well, considering this is the first of many mobile applications I intend to develop.

      I'd really prefer to release in Flash 7 rather than Flash 6.

      My setup:
      Dell x51v
      Flash Player 7
      Flash Assist 1.3 to view
      Full Screen application
      I am anxiously awaiting a Flash 7 PPC distribution solution.

      Anyone know of any other options?
      Any advice out there?