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    Selecting a row in a DataGrid

      I have a DataGrid that is populated with XML. The XML nodes, called 'resources', contain an 'ID'. When a row (resource) within the DataGrid is selected, it populates 'details' panel that contains additional information about that resource (the selected row). In that panel is another DataGrid that has a list of 'related resources'.

      What I'd like to be able to do is click on one of the 'related resources' and, using the 'ID', find and select (and highlight) the resource, in the original DataGrid (and re-populate the 'details' panel accordingly).

      So, is there a way to a) search for a row within a DataGrid using some key (in this case, an xml attribute called ID), and b) when found, programmatically select the appropriate row within that DataGrid, causing the same events to take place that would normally take place had I manually selected the row.

      Thanks in advance!