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    Open hyperlinks in same window

      Hi everyone,

      I've just got a quick question. When converting the powerpoint to a flash file, does anyone know how to make the hyperlinks on objects (right click object > action settings > hyperlink to > URL) open in the same internet browser window that is currently being used?

      Thanks in advanced!
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          I believe it is not possible to open hyperlink on the same window where the presentation is running. It is by design in Breeze to open hyperlinks using a new browser window.
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            Hi BrendanZ,

            In addition, a workaround could be done if you create a button or link in Flash and use the following ActionScript for the button to load the hyperlink:

            on (release){
            getURL(" http://www.adobe.com", "_self");

            If you insert the Flash created button in PowerPoint using the Insert Flash option, the button will now load the Adobe website inside the same browser window.

            However, if the published file is to be played locally, you would need to read the guidelines and respect the security restrictions for FlashPlayer 8 if you are using FlashPlayer 8 or 9 on your computer.

            You can read more about the security restrictions here:

            Security Changes in Flash Player 8

            You can also read more about using the getURL method in Flash from the link below:


            And if you don't have Flash and want to see this in action, you can get a trial version of flash on the link below: