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    FLV progressive download very slow

      I have a FLV video on my website (on2 vp6 codec, only 9 MBytes)
      When I play this video, I download it at 30 KBytes/s (I have a 600 KBytes/s theorical connection). I tested it with two webhosting providers (amen.fr and 1and1.fr) I can see the incoming speed with sygate personal firewall.
      Why it is so slow ???
      I made several tests :
      - With youtube.com, all the flv videos are downloaded at 500-600 KB, so the problem is not my connection
      - I uploaded a wmv video (60 MBytes). When I playback it, the download speed is up to 400-500 KB, so the problem is not my webhosting

      Have an idea ?
      Is the flv format useless ?
      Thanks for your replies