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    Some Basic AS Q's

      hey all
      when you put a script on a frame does it run just once or if it is stopped on the frame will the script keep run over and over?

      What about on a mc will it run continously if the main timeline is paused?

      Can more than one thing have the same instance name if they are in different frames?

      I think thats all for now, thanks in advance
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          2m Level 2
          Though I'm not sure if I understood all of your questions correctly I'll try to answer them best I can:

          Scripts on a frame run once everytime the "playhead" of it's timeline enters the frame. It is ran again everytime the frame is enterad again - e.g. with loops or scripts ("gotoAndPlay")

          Each mc has it's own independent timeline. Stopping the main timeline (or any other) won't affect your mc's timeline and therfore the answer is: Yes it will.

          The answer to your second question is also "yes". In fact when you have an mc called "my_mc" on the stage and make a new keyframe, that is what Flash does - more or less.
          But be carefull when doing it manually, and don't do it if not neccessary.