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    want to devlop game

    Gaurav Chhabra
      Hi !
      I am a non-programmer & wants to make game like this


      could somebody guide me doing this.
      some sites or refrels or personal mails refreing to how these types of games are made & what i am expected to learn.
      & most imp. how much time is going to take.
      i am quite i urgency
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          DazFaz Level 1
          I think you are biting off way more than you can chew if you are new to games programming and you want to create this type of thing.
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            Hi Gaurav Chhabra,

            i think the first things is u have to learn more about flash itself...try flash 8

            try to create a simple animation, learn to create a button that can manipulate animation...before u can do that i think is hard to guide such a complex programming issue...object oriented.

            try to create fully flash site for start....learn abit more about SCORM and its function.

            when u get the bigger picture about flash then perhaps its time for u to create simple games with flash. create something simple involve the collision fo instance. Step by step...and good luck.

            dont stop now....i hope i give a bit of what shud u do if u are non-programmer.

            -carving for knowledge