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    stay in frame until cuepoint "end"

    Opera Rat Level 1
      Normally I could just tell the tempo channel to stay on a particular frame until the sound reaches a certain cuepoint.

      BUT the sound that plays is dependant upon a choice that is made. There isn't a sound in the 2 sound channels of the score. So for example, if choice a then sprite 20 is visible (while 21, 22, 23 are invisible) and the sound for sprite 20 is called to play. If a different choice then sprite 21 is visible and the rest are not and a different paragraph is spoken. I was just telling the tempo to wait so may seconds but the sound files are such different lengths that sometimes the sprite remains too long or others not long enough. Now I thought I had this figured out but I had to replace my motherboard and that seems to have erased my memory. How do I tell the frame to sit there until the sound in channel 3 reaches cue point "end"? This seems so simple but my mind is still reeling from hardware work.