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    component question with textfield

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      I'm creating a keyboard entry component for a touchscreen. When the user
      hits the enter button I want to change a textfield in a movieclip to the
      text they typed in. The movieclip is outside of the component. There maybe a
      screen with multiple text entry boxes. So what I want to do is pass in a
      textfield reference into the component using getter and setter functions.
      However I am having trouble. Here's an example of what I'm doing.

      //mcKeyboard is the component name on the timeline
      //tfDisplay is the textfield on the timeline with the text 'help' in it

      mcKeyboard.tfEnter = tfDisplay;

      //When I click the enter button in the component, I have the script trace
      the text. Here is the enter button script


      //this displays undefined

      Am I able to pass a textfield or movieclip or something like that into a