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    Presentation stuck if flash object inserted

      Hi All,

      I inserted a flash object onto one of the slides I have captured using Captivate, and the presentation stuck on that slide and was not able to advance to the next one. The flash object I have inserted was taken from one of the samples came with the Flash MX trial version, namely Clock.fla. I have tried to publish the Clock.fla to Flash 6 and Flash 5 SWF, the problem exist in both case.

      Then I tried to replace the object with another sample, the Orange Arrow, that came with Captivate. The presentation works fine with this SWF.

      Seems that its something about the flash object rather than Captivate. However, since I know nothing about Flash, I am hoping you could give me some advice on what to do or check with the flash object to resolve this case.

      Thanks a lot,