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    Seamless powerpoint to captivate links

      I'm creating a web-based elearning course and would like to use a combination of ppt slides and captivate movies. I wasn't impressed with the quality of ppt slides when imported into captivate, and I also think it will be a pain to do any future updates (first in ppt and then imported into captivate). So, I've decided to keep the ppt presentation in it's original ppt format. I've created a menubuilder page which links to the ppt presentation and I've uploaded it to the elearning site. This works fine for lessons which are completely in ppt format (the last slide has a button that links back to the menubuilder main page). Some lessons are a combination of slides and "show me" movies in SWF format. I added a hyperlink to link the ppt slide to the SWF file online. I'm just wondering how I link the SWFfile back to the appropriate slide in the ppt presentation so the trainee can continue in the ppt presentation where he/she left off. I can add a button to the SWF file to link back to the ppt file, but I'm thinking it would link back to the first slide of the ppt; not where the user left off before he/she started the demo(SWF). Should I just give up and import the slides into Captivate? Please say "no don't give up!" ;)