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    Flex to HTML

      I'm totally new to Flex I just want to know if I can send a value to a hidden HTML text input from flex?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Yes, use ExternalInterface.
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            googoo123456 Level 1
            Thanks allot for your reply... My problem is that I can not in anyway change the HTML. These limitations are because I'm working on an integration between Oracle BI Publisher and Flex. All I can do is have the swf file embedded in the HTML page which contains this hidden input textbox. I can not add my own javascript to the HTML so I wish to directly write to the textbox. Is that possible?
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              Richard_Abbott Level 3
              you can put the JavaScript directly into the Flex call, something like

              However in the situation you describe then you will have to get everything in there and correctly formatted etc - ie the DOM call to get the textbox via its name and/or ID value as well as the actual set value code.