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    "Director Player Error" Need help! Simple Script...

      Whats up guys, I have some lingo in the first frame of an old project (interactive CD) that checks for quicktime version 6, as well as desktop resolution of 1024x768 or greater.

      Works perfect and I love the script.

      I started a new Interactive cd and figured I'd re-use that code as I'll need it again. I opened the old project, copied and pasted the exact same code and now I get an error when I open the new .exe.

      Specifically it says "Director Player Error: Script Error. Continue? Yes or No" Yes doesn't do anything except refresh the error screen.

      The other funny thing is that when I play the project inside of Director I get no such error or script problem...

      Here's the code: (works perefectly in the older project, I just tested it today and worked like a charm)

      on exitframe
      if quicktimeversion() < 6 then
      go to frame 10
      go to the frame+1
      end if
      if (the DesktopRectList)<[rect(0, 0,1024,768)]then
      go to frame 15
      go to the frame+1
      end if

      Any ideas?
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          the quickTimeVersion() command is part of the QT6Asset xtra. Make sure
          that you include that xtra with your projector and it should work.
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            On Wed, 26 Jul 2006 21:00:21 GMT, gallion311 posted in

            > if (the DesktopRectList)<[rect(0, 0,1024,768)]then

            Mike probably pinned down the error, but if you already have the Xtra where
            it should be, I'm thinking that the above should read more like this:

            if (the DesktopRectList)[1] < rect(0, 0,1024,768) then

            Assuming you're only concerned about the primary monitor.

            Mark A. Boyd
            Keep-On-Learnin' :)
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              Thanks guys, I'll definetaly have to try adding the QT6Asset xtra. I'm not too optimistic about that though becuase I never added that too the older project folders. I know for sure that when I burnt the old CD's it included just the .exe, the quicktimes, and an autorun...wouldn' t the CD's have needed that file as well? Is there some option I have to check? Is that something included in the .exe or an additional file that needs to be added to the folder?

              And the same goes for Mark; the old CD didn't have that addition and it runs fine.

              The real problem here (as I see it) is that it works on CD "A". I copy and paste to CD "B" and it doesn't work. Isn't that piece of code written to be versatile?

              I opened my old project, re-complied it, and it worked perfectly so I know it's nothing that changed in my PC (like if I got Quicktime 7).

              I even grabbed that piece of code and dropped it in a completely empty Director scene and still got the error...

              As I last ditch effort could somebody copy that code into a blank scene and see if they get that error?

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                You can add the xtra into the projector by going to Modify, Movie,
                Xtras. Then add that xtra to the list. What may have happened is this:
                On your old project that worked, you had added a Quicktime cast member.
                When that happens, the xtra gets added automatically. On this new
                project you have not added a QT member so it is not in the list. The
                xtras are not automatically added if you just use scripting to call on
                them, though they are added when you import the media into the cast.
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                  Thanks so much Mike...I appreciate your time.

                  I was thinking about it last night and I suddenly realized what happens(that Director adds the QT file automatically once you add a QT movie to the cast). I got up this morning and was happy to see you had confirmed my beliefs. Added a random QT movie and it works like a charm.

                  Thanks again!