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    RoboHelp Flash issue


      I was wondering if someone out there could help me. I have a site that uses RoboHelp flash to display manuals. The user has to log in using forms authentication to access these manuals. In production the top bar and the side bar of RoboHelp do not display but the image that is to appear on the main section of the page does.

      In the dev/qa environment, the RoboHelp flash works fine and it's the same code. Both servers (prod and dev/qa) are running Windows 2000. Why does one environment work and not the other?

      I did some debugging and found that in the wf_master.htm file, the Sub masterSWF_FSCommand function is not being called. I don't know what calls it but it definately is not being called in production but is being called in the dev/qa environment? Am I missing something? Thoughts? Let me know. Thanks!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi rsford31 and welcome to our community

          For starters, you really should take a few moments and read the forum posting guidelines you can view using the following link:

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          The guidelines state that you should not perform an action known as "cross posting". This is the practice of posting the same question in different threads and forums. For example, you posted your question for the first time on Monday in the thread Linked here. Then Tuesday, you repeated the same question in this forum as well as in the forum and thread linked here.

          Hopefully someone will have a solution for you. I know you mention Windows 2000, so this may not apply. Have you tried what is outlined in the Technical Note linked in the assorted threads?

          Sincerely... Rick