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    transitions before next

    Zealouse Level 1
      I'm having trouble with the code to call on one movie clip to give transitions between my pages.
      I have 5 buttons with this code attached to each.
      I have steel doors that close when the user press on a button to go to another page, and than the steel dors open with the new page.

      This code is working but if I press the same button twice it goes to diffrent pages.
      Is there a better way or a better code. Thanks for any help.

      -On the main time line frames

      For each frame I have this code, which tells it which page it is on, so at the end of the "transition" movie it will goto the approprite page.

      _level0.thistransition.fadingFrame = "fadeContact";

      -On each button:

      \\"Home" is a frame lable location of my home page and "transition" is the transition movie\\

      on (press) {
      selectedSection = "home";
      on (release){

      -In the transition movie

      \\Inside my transition movie I have a framelabel "fadecontact"\\

      \\In the transition movie on the last frame. The "slectedSection" looks to see which button is pressed and goes to that frame.\\