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    Open XML Drag and Drop Items Save XML

      Im very new to Flex and really have only gone through the lynda.com tutorials but I don't really know where to begin doing something like this. I have a requirement as a desktop app. I have to open an xml file that defines a series of objects we'll go with the vegetable approach....

      I want to store different properties of the object for different sources...so one app might want to know color, weight and origin another app might only want to know color and weight

      so if the xml looks like this


      I want to load it in some sort of list control or grid and then drag the weight property into a 'vegetable builder' area. once there I want to be able to edit the attributes of the node so in my vegetable builder area perhaps right click the weight property which has an attribute 'unitofmeasure' that could be assinged the value 'metric'

      once done click a button that either outputs the xml as string or allows the user to save the xml which would walk the list nodes in the builder area that then output
      <weight unitofmeasure="metric"/>

      Does this make any sense...can you point me in a direction?