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    Audio and Animation Synchronization

      I am working in Flash Pro 8. My project is 3 minutes long. It includes background music and narration. The audio files are each in the library as MP3s and are called in by sound objects via actionscript. I have animated words that need to match up to the narration. It works great on my top of the line G5 but as soon as I transfer it to a PC or any slower computer the synchronization of the animation and narration gets all out of wack. It starts off okay but gets worse and worse as time goes on.

      The only information I have found on this issue pertains to audio that is sitting in the timeline and can be set to "stream." Since my audio is called in by sound objects I am at a loss. I need the audio to be called in with sound objects so I can control volume and on/off buttons for the background music and the narration independently.

      Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          I think what you're trying to do is impossible. There is a potential workaround for the issue of having streaming sound AND stopping and starting the audio, but not for changing the volume. You can put each sound file into the timeline of an empty separate movie clip that you place on the stage. Within each movie clip, obviously the timeline will have to match the length of the audio track. Set the properties to Stream. Then you can use Action Script to play() and stop() that movie clip, hence pausing the soundtrack. That also gives you the ability to use script to skip to specific frames or markers within that movie clip. But as for controlling the volume, I think you're out of luck. Flash is still quite limited in how it treats sounds. Unless I'm wrong, there isn't a way to use script to set the properties of a sound to Streaming.