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    Another question about iframes.

      Alright, so before posting I did search. I promise I did.
      I found the code that is supposed to make a button link to an iframe. I can't get it working and any help would be so greatful you have no idea. :)
      Here is the issue. I have a text navigation menu. For practice purposes, I've taken one of the words and converted it into a button. I think I did this properly, as afterwards I get a nice screen to lay down some actionscript. So, my action script is exactly as follows:
      on(release) {
      On my html page, my iframe name is: iiframe
      For the record, I don't much care to call it iiframe, i just tried changing it for testing purposes.
      If you need an example of the issue let me know and I'll link you to my page. Thanks guys!