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    OSFLASH: Red 5 and X RAY.

      I am an intern at the Rich Media Institute in L.A. and think that you guys might be interested in this class. Way too advanced for me!

      Secrets of OSFLASH: Red 5 and X-RAY
      Fri & Sat, July 28th & 29th (9a-5p, ~12 classroom hours)
Instructor: John Grden
      Price: $490 
Location: Venice, California 9029

      In 2 days, we're going to cover how to use Xray as a designer and developer BOTH! Blitz turns out massive experience sites on a weekly basis - come find out how we do it with Xray -- the amazing open-source powerful debugger that anyone can use to help them develop amazing experiences. Red5, the soon-to-be-released free alternative to the Adobe Flash Media Server, is probably the hotest open source topic these days. We'll cover the features, basic samples and code to creating applications with Red5. XRay and Red5 are two of the most exciting projects to emerge from the nascent Open Source Flash movement, of which John Grden is a noted leader.

      Here is a link if your interested: