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    Help Actionscript/PHP Please

      ok a member named KGlad helped me alot but I think he just stopped cuz he got frustrated :P I'm very ignorant in php the actionscript isn't so bad becuz its just like java but I've only taken intro to java so :P and it stall has its differences. Some hosts give me this message in a popupmenu when I hit submit $value) { $msg .= ucfirst ($key) ." : ". $value . "\n"; } } array($to, $subject, $msg, $headers); ?> which is just part of my code and others say method is not allowed /post (blah blah blah) So if my only problem is not having a decent host do u know a free host that will support this php and a relatively large flash file?
      So I have a form in my flash heres the actionscript and the php.

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          blemmo Level 1
          I think most free web hosters won't offer you the possibility to send emails, thx to all the spammers who would love such a service. But you can try and do a search for free webspace here: http://www.freewebspace.net/search/power.shtml. You can check the "formmail" box, maybe you are lucky and the hosts that offer a (preinstalled) formmail will also accept your own mail scripts. See their descriptions if they allow the mail function in php.
          But most likely you would have to buy some space to use that feature.