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    Resize Image Bug

      Has anyone one else come accross the following?

      When I resize a large image [eg more than 1500 pixels in both directions] to a smaller size the image is never squarley in the workspace - It always ends up about a pixel too low and to the right - the canvas is the correct size, it's just the image position is usually slightly out of place eg Xpos=1, Ypos=1 so I end up having to CTRL-ALT+F to fit to canvas.

      Although it's no major big deal it does get annoying when resizing lots of images and ending up with a thin line along one ot two edges when exported...

      I haven't posted this is a bug as I am not sure if it's something I'm doing or a general Fireworks quirk..

      I've noticed this going back quite a few versions, am using MX 2004 at the mo.

      Has anyone else noticed this?