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    TOC Does Not Synchronize

      I have a large WebHelp file containing 775 topics in it. Most of these are field descriptions. In the TOC, I have a book titled Fields- A to Z. When I click one of the fields that begin with a higher letter in the alphabet (e.g., M), the TOC does not jump to that location. Instead, it jumps back to the top of the book (in the A's). In my WebHelp settings for the file generation, I have it set to automatically synchronize the TOC. I do not have this problem with my other (smaller) WebHelp files.

      Has anyone else come across this problem?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Yes this pops up regularly and I think it was asked just last week. See Snippet 49 on my site. There's a solution if your users are restricted to IE but it breaks the help in Firefox!

          Beyond that the only solution is fewer topics in a book.

          Not really the solution you want but I am afraid that is the way it is.

          Better that than turning off autosync.

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            HKabaker Level 2

            After the TOC jumps back to the top of the book, scroll down. You will find the selected topic actually is highlighted.

            So WebHelp (1) properly highlights the selected topic, then (2) refreshes from the top of the book. We haven't found a good way to kill step (2).

            A possible strategy is to divide the TOC into books, each with no more topics than will fill the left column. With all the other books collapsed, the current topic line won't disappear below the bottom. If you click a link to a topic in another book, the new book should open from its first topic and the selected topic is highlighted.

            It's not a great solution, I know.

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              doclady62 Level 1
              Thanks, Peter. I will try this. My users are only using IE so it should work fine.

              I have bookmarked your site for future reference. Thanks!