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      can anybody tell me please why is important this function ?
      Can anybody give me a good exemple ? except all from flash help. Something much better. Thanks
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          derobinson Level 1
          _level is not a function. It is (part of) a scope...like a pointer where something (a variable, a movieclip, etc) resides in the Flash movie. They use numbers beginnig with 0 to designate where things are. For instance _root = _level0

          Hope that helps!
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            david is right, although the use is a little more in depth than that.

            Just like loading a movieclip in a movie, you can also load a movie into a movie.
            But unlike a movieclip, a movie must be loaded onto a 'level'
            for instance:

            loadMovieNum ("root.swf",9); would load movie 'root.swf' onto level 9. You can then control this movie's properties using _level9.

            so to load a movie and move it, and unattatch it you would use:

            loadMovieNum ("root.swf',9); // load the movie
            _level9._x = 50; // position the movie's x location
            _level9._y = 50; // position the movie's y location
            unloadMovieNum (9); //unload whatever is loaded on level 9 (root.swf)

            also remember that _level0 is always your base level, equivilent to _root.

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              bebef Level 1
              thanks a lot
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                derobinson Level 1
                Dirk, I didn't know you could address levels like that. Cool tip! Thanks!