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    cold fusion files not compile by  the cfcompile utility

    Prashantgenial Level 1

      I am trying to compile coldfusion file using cfcompile , but not find the compiled file in the output-directory.
      here some help about what i did:

      coldfusion mx 7 load on linux,
      and coldfusion files exist in the directory that exist in a directory that is mapped to coldfusion server .

      <cfset PathToExe="/opt/coldfusionmx7/bin/cfcompile.sh">
      <cfset webRoot = "/opt/coldfusionmx7/wwwroot">
      <cfset dirCompile = "/opt/coldfusionmx7/wwwroot/test/" >
      <cfset dirCompile1 = "/opt/coldfusionmx7/wwwroot/test/compile1/" >
      arguments="-deploy #webRoot# #dirCompile# #dirCompile1#"

      there is no error occure after processing this file.
      but i do not get the concern output file.

      Please give some apposite help regarding this issue.
      Thanks in advance.