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    Using a Loader to access and external swf stops functionality

      I have two files: intro.swf and launch.swf. The intro.swf is a small splash page with a loader and progress bar, and then the launch.swf file that the loader calls to is external. independently, my swfs work perfect, however when my external file is loaded into the first swf it's buttons no longer work. You can see this example online by visiting: http://firstimpressionsports.com then click on launch site.... you'll see the buttons don't work when you click on them. Yet by visiting http://firstimpressionsports.com/launch.swf you can bypass the loader and view the launch.swf file directly and see that it works fine.

      Is there a simple fix for this like redirecting the buttons to something other than the "root", or is there action script I could be using?

      Any direction would be greatly appreciated...