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    Deploying WebHelp Pro  via RoboEngine

      I recently completed publishing projects to the RoboEngine. I now want to deploy this integrated web help system to my customers. Are there security issues in directing customers from our customer web site to the roboengine help projects since they are html? Anyone tackle this issue recently? I would appreciate your insight, suggestions and knowledge. Thank you.
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          Hi Luvie

          I'm unsure what you are looking for here. Help systems aren't meant to be a secure product. They simply exist to present much needed information in a timely manner.

          What issues are you concerned about? Do you have specifics? Are you concerned about a competitor obtaining your help information?

          Perhaps with more clarification and focus, some of us may be more equipped to offer a meaningful response.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Rick, I just found this thread and thought I might revive it. We are interested in securing our Robohelp deployment for many reasons one of which is that we don't want competitors accessing our help files.

            I've considered several approaches inclusing pass-through authentication. Does Robohelp support pass-through authentication? We have thousands of uses across dozens of databases so integrating Robohelps user database with our databases seems dauting...if that's indeed what would be required for pass-through authentication. Have you seen any other mechanisms besides pass-through authentication for securing Robohelp web deployments?