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    Flex 2

      Hi There,

      Well I am a designer and new to Flex. I want to know is it possible for a designer to build a presentation in flex.

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          peterent Level 2
          It is possible to make presentation in Flex. I assume you mean a sequence of "slides" like Powerpoint.

          Look at the ViewStack navigation control. It arranges its children so that you can only see 1 child at a time. You can then apply effects to transition between the children, like a Wipe or Fade.

          The children of a ViewStack must be Containers - such as Canvas, HBox, VBox. For a presentation I would use Canvas because you can easily position the elements.

          Then you need a way to move from slide to slide (child to child). Add a button either on every slide or outside the ViewStack that changes the ViewStack's selectedIndex property (the first child is 0, the next is 1, etc.).

          Use the Flex Builder 2 design view if you have Flex Builder 2. This will make positioning the slides easier.

          Read up on: ViewStack, Canvas, Effects (Wipe and Fade for example), Buttons