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    Conditional Build Tagging

    symmetricalMan Level 1
      (Forgive the double-posting)

      Hi all,

      Had the RH trial, but not enough time to explore it as much as I'd liked, and didn't get to look over version control.

      Is it possible in RH to take an object (be it an image, block of text or whatever) and flag it as being a member of a particular group, and then later when I compile the Help I can elect to compile the group 'x' version of the Help.

      For example we have two different images of an Options dialogue box I need to refer to, with the only difference between the two being a single check box. I would like to be able to add both images to the page, flag one as being for the 'normal' release of our Help manual and the other as being for the 'specialist' version. Then when I compile the Help, if I elect to build the 'specialist' version the correct image will be included, with the other hidden (and vice versa).

      Is this possible?