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    onClipEvent for Scrolling Images


      I have a horizontal scrolling mc that works great for my purposes. After load you can move the mouse to the left or right to activate the scroll direction and speed. However, I when the mc first loads I would like to have the scroll already started (slowly from right to left). I have tried several onClipEvents and nothing is working. I was given help with the AS so there is probably something I am missing or just don't understand. Attatched is the code ... thanks for any help.

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          blemmo Level 1
          Try setting the 'dx' var not to 0, but to some other value in the declaration, like 10. That way it should start moving even if the mouse isn't over the clip.

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            Txposure Level 1

            Thanks for the response.

            I had (and tried again) to adjust the dx var ... when I run the MC it starts to scroll, but stops. If I increase the number it scrolls farther but once again stops. If I put a negative number it scrolls in the opposite direction, but again stops.

            Any other suggestions? You can see an example of the clip at www.teamxposure.com/hemi
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              Since the "mouse code" is changing the initial behaviour, enable it only after a certain amount of time. Say... have a counter running up to 1000 inside the moveSlider function. Add the following condition in the 1st 'if...'

              if ((counter > 1000) && (!stopping) ...

              And initialise 'dx' to another value. Hope this works.