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    Repeater within a Repeater

    shakeb66 Level 1
      Hi All
      I spend Hours today but fail to find what exactly wrong with inner Repeater not binding any data and I could see only Outer repeater's data. I am attachig code for reference
      Both repeater's dataprovider are arraycollection.

      Any Help on this is highly appretiable.

      Thanks in Advance
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          ntsiii Level 3
          When working with repeater, it is best to create a custom component to repeat. Among other things it makes clear what the data flow needs to be.

          I am pretty sure your problem is a scope issue. Each instance of the repeated components is its own component with its own scope. "myCollection" in not available in that scope. Make the repeated stuff its own component and this becomes obvious.

          In your case, the inner dataProvider is the same for all repetitions of the outer repeater, correct?