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    Active Content when RH topic contains Captivate movies

    Pambear Level 1
      I use Robohelp to display my captivate movies (published as FLASH).....since the Active Content issue in the latest IE update, my users now have to click on the movie before it becomes interactive.....I've managed to fix the topics in RH that don't have a movie inserted on them....but if there's a movie, my fix doesn't work unless I modify EACH htm file (each topic's code). This works great except that EVERY time I re-compile the RH project, the fix is overwritten.....

      My fix involves a javascript include file......

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Pam

          It seems to appear you posted and issue with the resolution. Is this the intent or are you asking a question we need to try and help you with?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Pambear Level 1
            Hi, Rick

            I wish it were the answer....it works as long as there are no movies on the topic....but I need it to work with movies, also....I've put my fix in the topic page.htm, but every time I re-compile, it gets overwritten....is there a solution?

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi again Pam

              Hmmm, well I'll see if I can help any. I'm not sure what you mean with "fixing topics in RH that don't have a movie inserted". What are you fixing? Why is a fix needed if a movie isn't there?

              But on to the actual issue at hand. You are saying that something is being overwritten? Perhaps it will help to outline the process as I envision it.

              1. You have a topic containing a Captivate movie that is interactive, meaning the user must click or type somewhere to interact with it.

              2. Before the fix is applied, the user must click or press the spacebar in order to "activate" the control. This is equivalent to patting Internet Explorer on the head and saying "It's okay. Really. The world will, in fact, NOT end if you just show me the content and allow me to click it."

              3. You apply the fix, which means to use an external JavaScript file (.JS file) to perform a "write in" of the code needed to present the movie.

              4. You generate WebHelp (assuming WebHelp here, as I do not believe this issue manifests from inside a compiled .CHM file) and something gets overwritten?

              And here is the quandry. I'm assuming you are intent on asking either how to prevent the overwriting from occurring, or possibly WHY it's being overwritten. Perhaps both?

              I think the first step is to determine if the WebHelp generation process is actually overwriting files. I'd compare the HTML code of a topic that works fine prior to genning WebHelp, with the same topic code after the generation process has occurred. What has changed with respect to the code you inserted? Is the code just gone? Or is it possibly an issue whereby the .JS file simply hasn't survived the WebHelp generation process? I'm guessing the latter. You may simply need to add the .JS file to baggage.

              Cheers... Rick
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                Pambear Level 1
                Hi, Rick

                I'm sorry I'm not explaining the problem very clearly.....let me try again

                1) I create Captivate movies and publish them as Flash files (.swf and .htm).

                2) I insert them in topics of a Robohelp HTML project. Not all topics contain movies. By modifying the wf-navpane and wf-master files and adding a JS file provided by this forum, I can successfully prevent the "Click here to activate..." message that displays due to the last update of IE. But only on the topics that do not contain movies....

                3) so, I modify the .htm file of a topic that contains a movie and add a JS file. This successfully prevents the "Click here..." message.

                My problem is that every one of my topics (there are over 50) must be modified as Step 3 explains. And then, whenever I re-compile (re-generate) the Robohelp project to Flash, the code I added to the topic.htm file disappears.

                Is there some way around this issue? All I'm trying to do is keep the "Click here" message from displaying on interactive movies that are housed in a Robohelp project.

                Thank you for your help.