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    Problem in Focus

      Hi All,

      I have on "html" file (Ex: my_dev.html) it containes on "swf " file (Ex: my_dev.swf). In that swf file four buttons are there. If you pressed TAB button the focus switching between the four button(becoz i used tabIndex). If you press ALT+TAB and go to other applications and come back to our html file(my_dev.html) and press the TAB button the focus is not directly go to that button.

      i used focus mannager in Flash ,onFocus, onLoad, onBlur in HTML but i cant find the solutions. pls guide me to solve this problem

      My question is :

      1) any other option is there to solve this problem
      2) Is it possible to solve
      3) If is it not possible why? and please send me the referal links to me.
      4) If is it possible pls send me the code and referance links.

      Expecting your repls soon.