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    FB2 BETA 4

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      Adobe calls it “FB2 Final”, but it sure feels like another Beta. Now, don’t get me wrong: I like the products that are available; I have been using these things going all the way back to Allaire ColdFusion 3 and CF Studio and the Macromedia Suite, beginning with Dreamweaver et al version 2 or 3.

      Flex is very pretty, but in combination with Eclipse, overwhelming for those coming from the CF/HomeSite/Macromedia Studio scene, unless you really got into Flash and became very proficient at ActionScript in spite of its super steep learning curve, which I suspect is not a very high percentage of us. This whole Flex thing in its present state, reminds me of another horrible thing Macromedia did some time ago and which some of you may remember: it was the first version of Dreamweaver UltraDev. That, of course, got fixed as time passed, and I imagine it will eventually be the same with Flex.

      Even though I have used ColdFusion extensively for a while, only in the last 3 – 4 months I stumbled upon the Flash forms and am using them in a project that is not yet finished; because of that, I decided to take a look at Flex.

      One thing is wrong with ColdFusion Flash forms: they never finished the job – a lot of the stuff they are supposed to do just doesn’t happen. All the simple examples in Ben Forta’s CFWACK (my Bible for the last 4 - 5 editions) work fine, but any little deviation, and you run into problems. If Benny and his team just put a little more into <cfform>, most of us don’t really need Flex; after all, the sites we build are for providing information, which is all site visitors really care about. That is not to say we won’t want Flex – most of us will because it enables us to make our presentations a lot more attractive and interesting – and, in the long run those who do embrace Flex will do so because they will really appreciate the difference. We will have become interested in ActionScript to make these forms more useful and flexible and will want to become ActionScripters out of desire to present a better product, not because of all the hype about RIAs and rich this, rich that.

      If we attract a lot of amateur designers and developers with hype, pretty soon we’ll need to write things like:

      public function skipTransition():void {
      // bypass this goddamned thing
      some code here }
      like happened with the much-abused Flash intro (read “Skip Intro”). I hope we don’t reach that point.

      So, why don’t a bunch of us let Benny know we would like to see <cfform> completed? Let’s post on the ColdFusion “Rich Forms” forum and on all the wish lists – and maybe we’ll get the wish and be able to make a more natural transition to Flex.



      I asked one of my clients what he thought of his rich login form and he said “Huh?” Adobe, this “rich” stuff is OK in the propaganda, if you don’t overuse it – but in the product documentation? There, it’s literally too rich; I think I might throw up the next time I’m trying to research something serious and end up reading about a rich interface or a rich text field or .... I think you know what I mean.