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    Command line parameters

      I can't get the command line parameter actionscript-classpath to work. I have tried many alternatives and can't find anything on the www.adobe.com web site (by the way, a bunch of links on pages I did find are no longer valid links). I have tried this:

      mxmlc --actionscipt-classpath c:/dir1/dir2/src/

      My understanding is that this is supposed to set the directory for the flex bridge but the compiler complains that it doesn't know what the actionsript-classpath parameter means ("Error: unknown configuration variable 'actionscript-classpath").

      Hope this is simple. Thanks in advance for your help.
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          Same issue here, using LInux,

          command line: Error: unknown configuration variable 'actionscript-classpath'

          Use 'mxmlc -help' for information about using the command line.

          This switch is not even in the advanced list. :(
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            KG123456789 Level 1
            I gave up trying to use the bridge because of the non-responsiveness of Adobe. I am able to use sockets to do what I need to do so I probably don't need to try and use the bridge for quite a while (if ever).

            I am at least thankful for the Flex 2 and Actionscript 3 online documentation or I wouldn't even be able to use these. Even so, it is hard to find what you need (it is very strange to me that finding stuff on Adobe is easier using Google than Adobe's own search).
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              The command line parameter was changed to -source-path= before the release. Looks like the documentation for the bridge didn't get updated.