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    squeeze Oranges... (I know.. It's Weird..)

      Well first of all hello to every one..
      I'm Amigo and I'm new to this forum.

      I will explain my situation:

      I got an assignment to make a movie in Flash, but I am not a Flash user. I'm more in the direction of film making.

      But the thing is- I really need to make this flash movie.

      And well.. I would like some help.

      I have learned lots of stuff in Flash during the past few days, but not enough in order to do this assignment.

      What I need to do is the following:

      Its an Orange Juice Factory.

      1. an opening scene to the movie. The movie starts only after clicking the mouse.

      2. a box of Oranges comes in.

      3. oranges are washed

      4. bad oranges are spotted and removed.

      5. the remaining oranges are packed.

      6. a hand or machine removes the packed oranges and it start over.

      - between each scene you need to click the mouse in order for it to continue.

      - All the scene are from above, looking down at what's happening.

      Now guys, this is a huge thing to ask, but if someone can give me ideas and explain how this should be done, or maybe show me an example, I would thank you so so so much. I have to do this but I don't have the slightest idea of how to do it..

      Thank you so much every one.
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          I don't think the Flash Action/Script forum is probably the best place for you to get inspiration for your animation. When you say "explain how this should be done" what do you actually want explained? how to animate all of those scenes you just described? If so, you're probably better off in a more animation specific forum.
          The only other thing i can think of that you may want explained that is action/script specific is how to click the mouse for an animation to continue. but then why would you tell us about the orange juice factory? hmm.. i'm confused.
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            amigo10 Level 1
            Hey, Thanks for your reply.

            Look, what I really want to know is- is this an easy assingnment or is it difficult. what whould you call it?

            And I would like to know for example how I start a movie with a click on a button instead of it starting by itself..

            I know it's a weird thing I'm asking and probably most people don't ask things like this, but I just don't have a clue with this stuff and I don't know where to begin.. =/

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              Craig Grummitt Level 3
              the functionality of the clicking is straight-forward.

              the animation really depends on how impressive you want your end result. its like asking "is it easy to draw a person?" when the answer really depends on whether you're drawing a stick figure or painting mona lisa... begin with some animation tutorials perhaps. again, this is probably not the best forum for advice in that area.

              you should probably have a look at some basic flash action-script tutorials as well. but to answer your question: put a button on frame 1. give the button the instance name 'continue_btn'. now put the following action-script on frame 1.

              continue_btn.onRelease=function() {

              in plain english, this basically says stop here on frame 1, and when the user clicks on the button, called 'continue_btn', continue playing.

              good luck!