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    Video Format

    Proddy2k Level 1
      What is the best format to use for the video for interactive DVDs. I am exporting the file
      from Adobe Premiere into Director? I intend to publish the application
      onto DVD which is about 4.7 gigs so space may not be a problem. I
      intend to have about 45/60 mins video footage with each clips around
      max 5 mins. I have been experimenting. So far I have used QuickTime so
      far but the audio seems really bad, like its in a toilet.I have tried
      Windows Media (wmv) but that sounds the same aswell. AVI is the best
      quality but the size seems too big. MPEG is too fuzzy.
      I would prefer it so that when used on a PC, no codecs or players need
      to be installed so it seems QuickTime is out of the question.

      Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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          tdriley Level 1
          If you are making an actual Video-DVD that is to play in domestic living-room DVD players and in PCs, it is probably a good idea to use a DVD-authoring tool rather than director. Encore DVD is good if you're using Premiere to edit your video as they work well together.

          If it is a computer-only app you are making you will always face the same problem: Higher quality = Larger filesize. There is no 1 format that is better than the other, all have their own internal settings for adjusting quality/resolution/codec etc. In premiere, go to the export options and you will see. If you are using Prem Pro v1.5 or above, use File>Export>Adobe Media Encoder, there are loads of option in there. If you want it to work in PC and Mac without installing players/codecs, use Tabuliero's Mpeg Advance Extra - http://xtras.tabuleiro.com/ http://xtras.tabuleiro.com/">http://xtras.tabuleiro.com/

          Hope that helps - video can be a serious pain in the ***!

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            we produce medical director applications for over 5 years and we've had the same problems: Incompatibility, artefacts, bad quality. On scientific PCs you normally don't have administrator rights, therefore installation of codecs or something like that isn't allowed.
            We found that mpeg1, 640x480 px with a datarate of 3000 - 3500 is the most compatible format. (Encoded by Canopus Procoder or TMPGenc) Since Flash8 we use normally embedded Flash8-Videos - best quality, low datarate, but the hardware should be the best.

            Hope that helps