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    Cursor Blinking in a Text Box

      I have many pages that have many text boxes. Some of them do not have cursors. Some do. How do I make sure that all text boxes have a blinking cursor? The user does not know where to click to edit text because there is no cursor.

      Please help!
      Thank you, TonyB
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          Level 7
          That will depend upon what kind of "text boxes" you have. The built
          into Director #text or #field sprites will generally only show the
          cursor if they have focus (you can test or set 'the keyboardFocusSprite').

          There are a few low-tech ways to tell the user which bits they need to
          fill out, like outlining them or changing the color. If all the
          required fields are grey with a red outline and the rest of the form is
          white, it is pretty obvious which parts they need to deal with. Also,
          setting the autoTab property helps since they can just go from field to
          field automatically and fill out the required ones in order.

          Or put a * next to the required fields so they know which ones to use... etc
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            AnthonyBowen Level 1
            They are just textinput fields. They are all the same on each page. There is about 20 on each page. Some work some don't. I have the tabbing working properly. It's just when they click inside the text box no cursor appears.Everytime I compile the project different ones work and some don't. It is different everytime I publish. What can I do to make sure the cursor appears everytime on every textbox?

            Thanks so much for the help!