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    10 dropdowns in 1 frame

    Opera Rat Level 1
      I'm trying to create something like a combination lock. There will be 10 dropdown boxes with the same words (car, bike, dog.)in each. They are to be lined up next to each other. The user must choose the correct order across the 10 boxes. For example, box one should be dog and box 2 should be car. I would like to go with the simple dropdowns on most webpages for something like choosing your state (like the zoom % on the bottom of the director stage), but the dropdown from the director library doesn't have the little arrow. When I put 2 boxes next to each other they did not work independently. Whatever I did to one would set the other.

      I'm going to need guidance though this, as I have never done anything like this. After I have my boxes I will have to collect the settings that the user chose and compare them to the one correct order. I don't need to tell them where they went wrong or how many they got right. It's all or nothing. Could someone please get me started. I would first like to know how to create a drop down with the little arrow to open the dropdown menu. Then how to create 2 that work independantly of each other.

      Thank you.