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    Using Flex Generated CFC's


      OK. Not only have I already gone to a 4 day flex training, have an advanced coldfusion certification and work with 3 coworkers who have done the same...none of us can figure out how in the heck the flex builder's autogenerated cfc's are to be used. No big deal on the fact that this might be something we simply are encountering for the first time, but the complete and utter absence of a single piece of example code or documentation stating how to use this code correctly is very very very very irritating.

      Can anybody, share with me anything about how these CFCs are to be used correctly. For example. We are using the wizard to generate an "Active Record CFC" set of cfc's for an example table contain four fields. We have a data grid that is now populated by the "getAllAsQuery" function....we would like to implement the feature of making this dataGrid updateable. We know how to pass data back and forth and yes we could write our own CFC to do this...but having it autogenerated is a really neat option...but the question remains....how does one use them!!!

      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!