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    swf won't play online

      Ok this time last week I knew nothing about flash, since then i bought a template to do a website for my boss. html is all fine its just the flash header making me tear my hair out now.

      I had the header, edited and uploaded and it worked absolutely fine. today i wanted to make the last few changes so i saved the .fla file onto cd and brought it to work. I made the changes and uploaded the swf with the same file name etc and it starts to load then freezes - it doesn't complete no matter how long i leave it for. however it runs perfectly on my local machine.

      I tried uploading the file i had working before from my backup and the same problem occurs.

      i've no idea whats gone wrong - the code on the webpages hasn't changed and the swf is in the same location. i've cleared my cache etc but still can't solve it.
      i've tried calling the file from its url and encounter the same problem, i've also tried uploading the swf before the html page to no avail either.

      any help would be appreciated!