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    SSL error #2032 (not IE's fault)

      I was tasked with making my company's site work through SSL, so I looked up the integration online. I created a self-signed certificate, set up Apache to use the certificate, and fired up the app.

      The very first time I make an "https" call, I get a #2032 error (stream error). If I try to make the request through the browser, I get a warning page ("this certificate is untrusted"), but I can click through that to get the data. Presumably, there's no way for the SWF to click through that warning page, though, leaving me stuck.

      Looking up error #2032, I find that most of the references to it deal with Internet Explorer not caching files. All of those hints refer to the fact that it happens in IE, but not in Firefox. My problem is happening in both, indicating that it's not just an IE caching issue.

      Have you guys seen anything like this? If so, how did you get out of it? Do I have to purchase a certificate to get around that warning page? Thanks for your time and attention.