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    CSS in external scroll text

    Helvetica Level 1
      Hi, I'm having trouble getting my css to apply to my imported scrolling text file. the frame action calls #include "actionscript.as", which specifies scroll parameters and name of text file to import (there are many). I'm, pretty sure the css has to therefore be specified in the .as file, but I can't get the syntax to work, can anyone help?

      I have the attached lines of code for applying css, but not sure how to apply them

      Here is an example of a .as file

      Here is the text file it calls

      Here is the current file - with scrolling external text, but no css (each line hardcoded! - what I am trying to avoid!)
      - Click on courses > Joint Financial Services Diploma (right hand column) to see the text above

      the dynamic text box is in an instance of an MC called 'placeholder'. Each instance has it's own relevant #include script attached. The text box itself has the variable 'daTextBox'

      Any help would be greatly appreciated,