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    Context Sensitive Help in Combined Help Files

    DCI-SS Level 1
      How to make context sensitive help works in the Master - External Help Files situation?

      Here's my scenario:

      I have a Master .HLP, which links to 5 external .HLPs. I have linked the .CNTs and Indexes in the Master. I gave all the output files (6 sets of .HLP, CNT. LOG, and GID files) to the programmer and asked him to put them all in one directory. Everything is working fine from the TOC in the Master .HLP. That is, those externally linked topics are listed in the TOC and the content is shown when selected. However, when the application is trying to display the CSH for a topic in one of those linked HLPs, the user gets the 129 error (The topic does not exist.) But those CSH for a topic in the Master .HLP works fine.

      The programmer told me that he is putting the code in a registry file for the CSH to look for the Master .HLP only. And he can't create multiple registry files or put multiple lines in that registry file to look for multiple .HLPs.

      The application is developed in Oracle Form and is hosted on a WinXP machine as a Windows application. I'm using RH X5. The project is a RH Word project.

      Is it possible to generate only one .HLP to include everything? If so, how?

      Any suggestions?