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    Packaging screensavers with Director

    tdriley Level 1
      I've been making screensavers by renaming my .exe projectors to .scr and they (kind of) work when I place them in the WINDOWS/system32/ folder. The problem though is that whenever i go to my desktop/screensaver settings it begins to load the saver immediatly, and I am unsure how to create a control panel which will appear when the user clicks "settings".

      I have seen various 3rd party tools that package the screensavers and create a control panel, but all seem very old now and wonder if DMX2004 has any lingo or Xtras for using with screensavers? I don't need to do anything spectacular, just something basic that works.

      I'm guessing many of you will have lots of experience doing this sort of thing - thanks for any help you can give.