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    Boring Question

    Helvetica Level 1
      Still no joy. Many other emotions by 3.30 am last night. The horror.

      Well I can scroll. I can css. But I still can't do both at once, particularly when the text is loaded through an external actionscript (.as) file. But even if I could get a simple scroller to apply css I think I could figure it out.

      [url=http://www.magma.ie/client/flashprospectus/dynamic_scroller_css.fla.zip]This[/url] from Kirupa is a nicely functioning scroller (script in the first frame)

      [url=http://www.magma.ie/client/flashprospectus/FlashCSS-externaltext.fla.zip]This[/url] also from Kirupa is a tidy way to apply css to your external file (script again in first frame)

      [url=http://www.magma.ie/client/flashprospectus/externalcss2.txt]This[/url] is the external text file. All mac (does it matter these days?)

      Thanks for the input guys