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    Smart Blur in Pixelbender

      I'm trying to make an application that turns photos into cartoons. In Photoshop I would use the smart blur filter to smooth skin tones and then tint the image in one colour or another.

      Since I would like to do it on a website I thought that Pixelbender in combination with Flash would be the perfect solution. The only problem is that I don't know how to write the filter in Pixelbender.

      Any help would be much appreciated.
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          Da_Bao Level 1
          Right, I have now settled for a median filter.
          Is there a way to sort Arrays or Matrixes in PB?
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            Darrin M
            There isn't a good way do sorting of arbitrary length arrays but code can be crafted to for fixed lengths. Here's a 5x5 median filter I ported to Pixel Bender. I also have a 3x3 filter if you're interested:

            <languageVersion: 1.0;>

            5x5 Median
            Morgan McGuire and Kyle Whitson

            Ported to Pixel Bender shader language by Darrin Massena
            gcc -E -x c -P -C median5x5.c > median5x5.pbk

            kernel Median5x5
            title: "Median 5x5";
            namespace: "com.picnik";
            vendor: "Picnik";
            version: 1;
            description: "A 5x5 median filter for noise reduction";
            #define getPixel(dx, dy) sampleNearest(src, outCoord() + float2(dx, dy))
            #define s2(a, b) temp = a; a = min(a, b); b = max(temp, b);
            #define t2(a, b) s2(a, b);
            #define t24(a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h) t2(a, b); t2(c, d); t2(e, f); t2(g, h);
            #define t25(a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j) t24(a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h); t2(i, j);

            input image4 src;
            output pixel4 dst;

            void evaluatePixel()
            pixel4 v0 = getPixel(-2, -2);
            pixel4 v1 = getPixel(-1, -2);
            pixel4 v2 = getPixel( 0, -2);
            pixel4 v3 = getPixel( 1, -2);
            pixel4 v4 = getPixel( 2, -2);
            pixel4 v5 = getPixel(-2, -1);
            pixel4 v6 = getPixel(-1, -1);
            pixel4 v7 = getPixel( 0, -1);
            pixel4 v8 = getPixel( 1, -1);
            pixel4 v9 = getPixel( 2, -1);
            pixel4 v10 = getPixel(-2, 0);
            pixel4 v11 = getPixel(-1, 0);
            pixel4 v12 = getPixel( 0, 0);
            pixel4 v13 = getPixel( 1, 0);
            pixel4 v14 = getPixel( 2, 0);
            pixel4 v15 = getPixel(-2, 1);
            pixel4 v16 = getPixel(-1, 1);
            pixel4 v17 = getPixel( 0, 1);
            pixel4 v18 = getPixel( 1, 1);
            pixel4 v19 = getPixel( 2, 1);
            pixel4 v20 = getPixel(-2, 2);
            pixel4 v21 = getPixel(-1, 2);
            pixel4 v22 = getPixel( 0, 2);
            pixel4 v23 = getPixel( 1, 2);
            pixel4 v24 = getPixel( 2, 2);

            pixel4 temp;

            t25(v0, v1, v3, v4, v2, v4, v2, v3, v6, v7);
            t25(v5, v7, v5, v6, v9, v7, v1, v7, v1, v4);
            t25(v12, v13, v11, v13, v11, v12, v15, v16, v14, v16);
            t25(v14, v15, v18, v19, v17, v19, v17, v18, v21, v22);
            t25(v20, v22, v20, v21, v23, v24, v2, v5, v3, v6);
            t25(v0, v6, v0, v3, v4, v7, v1, v7, v1, v4);
            t25(v11, v14, v8, v14, v8, v11, v12, v15, v9, v15);
            t25(v9, v12, v13, v16, v10, v16, v10, v13, v20, v23);
            t25(v17, v23, v17, v20, v21, v24, v18, v24, v18, v21);
            t25(v19, v22, v8, v17, v9, v18, v0, v18, v0, v9);
            t25(v10, v19, v1, v19, v1, v10, v11, v20, v2, v20);
            t25(v2, v11, v12, v21, v3, v21, v3, v12, v13, v22);
            t25(v4, v22, v4, v13, v14, v23, v5, v23, v5, v14);
            t25(v15, v24, v6, v24, v6, v15, v7, v16, v7, v19);
            t25(v3, v11, v5, v17, v11, v17, v9, v17, v4, v10);
            t25(v6, v12, v7, v14, v4, v6, v4, v7, v12, v14);
            t25(v10, v14, v6, v7, v10, v12, v6, v10, v6, v17);
            t25(v12, v17, v7, v17, v7, v10, v12, v18, v7, v12);
            t24(v10, v18, v12, v20, v10, v20, v10, v12);

            dst = v12;
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              Royi A Level 1

              Could you publish the 3x3 version (Radius = 1).


              What about code for arbitrary Radius (Let's say up to 6)?

              Has anyone created a decent sorting method for that?


              The way PB is built it's impossible to use some advanced techniques (Sharing "Sorted" arrays between pixels).